yara + paul // miami, florida

Happy Valentines Day! On this day of love, we are so happy to share the highlight from Yara and Paul’s intimate garden wedding in Miami, FL. We’ve personally known Yara for many years (we went to high school together!) so it was all the more exciting to be there for a friend on such a special day. Paul also knew Yara in high school and had deep respect and admiration for her even then. Life took these two in many different directions but they ultimately reconnected in the winter of 2016 without missing a step. They each separately admitted to knowing right away that they had found their soulmate. Yara demonstrated this with her amazing gift to Paul; a journal that she had kept in secret from the very beginning of their courtship. We’re so thrilled for Yara and Paul and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. Enjoy their film!

Venue – Pinecrest Gardens

February 14, 2018

stacy + matt: same day film // phoenix, arizona

We recently had the best time spending a weekend with Stacy, Matt and their friends & family. A little over a year ago, we met for sushi in Los Angeles where we talked Star Wars, documentaries and dogs to make sure we were a good fit (I think we closed the place down that night). Fast forward to present day and we’re in Phoenix, AZ ready to not just tell their story, but do so in a Same Day Film! These are so much fun because we not only get to see Stacy and Matt’s reaction to their film, but also get to share it with all of their guests on two huge screens at their wedding reception. Shout out to Stacy’s mom Cindy, who made us feel like family all weekend and to their wedding planner Charlee at Signature Events for making sure that everything was flawless for their big day.

Venue – Camby Hotel
Event Planning – Signature Events
Photo – Trevor Dayley
Staging/Media – Creative backstage

January 8, 2018

sarah + michael // coeur d’alene, idaho

Get ready to smile from ear-to-ear!

Sarah and Michael’s wedding was overflowing with all of the best emotions; love, happy tears, excitement and of course laughter (lots of laughter). I say “of course” because if you’ve known Sarah and Mike for 5 minutes, you know they love to laugh. From goofy jokes to silly costumes (and a rad scooter helmet!), it’s evident that they don’t take themselves too seriously. One thing they are serious about is their love for each other, their friends and family. Everyone at this event seemed so tight that it was impossible to tell whether or not they were related and this seems to be by design. When Mike and Sarah let you in, they really let you in! Their open hearts made us fast friends (we still text pictures of our dogs to each other) and we can’t wait to visit them in their beautiful new hometown of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Thanks to Sarah and Mike for their hospitality and sharing such a beautiful weekend with us, after a 3+ year engagement, we’re thrilled that you’re #FinallyFreestone!

Venue – Hagadone Event Center, Coeur D’Alene Resort
Photography – Chrisman Studios

October 20, 2017

emma + baer // knoxville, tn

I will be thinking fondly of Emma and Baer’s wedding weekend for years to come. Not only were we fortunate to film in one of the most beautiful venues in the country, but we worked with one of the sweetest, most genuine couples in Baer and Emma. Their weekend was full of laughter, love of family, friends and the love between our adorable couple. Try watching their highlight without being thrilled for them, it’s impossible! These two knew they perfect for each other from the jump and we’re so grateful to have gotten to know them. Their day was stress-free and flawlessly executed by Jennifer Laraia Designs and it was a real pleasure to shoot alongside Natalie Watson Photography for the first time. We thank Emma, Baer and their wonderful families for their kindness and hospitality and wish this amazing couple continued love and happiness.

Venue – Blackberry Farm
Event Planning/Design – Jennifer Laraia Designs
Photo – Natalie Watson Photography
Florals – Lewis Miller Design

August 25, 2017

janelle + monica // miami, fl

Janelle and Monica are two truly special women and it’s difficult for me to put into words how I feel about their story, but I’ll do my best. When I first met them via Skype, we hit it off right away. We laughed, traded travel stories, talked music and our mutual affection for dogs. I remember thinking to myself how happy I was for them…same-sex marriage hadn’t been legal for very long in Florida and they must have endured so much to get to this point. I truly didn’t know the half of it.

Janelle and Monica started dating long-distance back in 2011 while Janelle was living in DC. Three years ago, they met each other’s families, and though they were concerned about how their relationship would be received, their loved ones on both sides were accepting and wished them well from the very start.
But announcing their relationship to their conservative Hispanic families would be the first of many challenges. In the midst of their blossoming relationship, Janelle received a devastating cancer diagnosis. Since then, Janelle and Monica have not only displayed incredible fearlessness while fighting through to Janelle’s remission, but together they’ve proven what true love and unconditional commitment looks like.

After all they had been through, Janelle and Monica knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and that they wanted to start a family. While she was sick, Janelle tried time and time again to have her eggs extracted with the hopes of one day bearing a child. After over a year of trying, Monica was able to successfully carry Janelle’s embryo!
Baby Olivia Sophia’s due date is coming soon and both of their families are over the moon.

It is honestly overwhelming and humbling to think of what love can endure: the challenges of a long-distance relationship, the fear of familial and societal acceptance (not to mention the US government), cancer and fertility complications. We know being married means a lot to all of our couples…but I couldn’t help but feel that for Janelle and Monica it means so much more because of the odds they’ve overcome. My smile was truly from ear-to-ear watching these two finally make it official and we hope yours is, too.

Monica and Janelle, we wish you a lifetime of love, health and happiness!

Venue – Private Residence
Event Planning/Design – Jackie Ohh… Events
Photo – Alain Martinez
Decor & Florals – The Gilded Group
Officiant – Rev. Eddie Rodriguez
Music – Sarz Entertainment

June 5, 2017

nicki + carlos // middleburg, va

We’re thrilled to share the highlight from Nicki and Carlos’ gorgeous interfaith wedding at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA. Nicki is of Indian descent and Carlos’ family is from Puerto Rico, so their wedding was not only about two people becoming one, but two cultures as well. We were fortunate to spend three days with the Shah and Rivera clans and loved seeing these families grow closer together over the weekend. Each family was exposed to new and exciting traditions (and food!) from a culture different from their own and by the end of the weekend, they were one family. It’s always a pleasure working with our talented friends at Engaging Affairs, who made sure everything looked amazing and ran smoothly. We are grateful to Nicki and Carlos and wish them many years of love!

Venue – Salamander Resort & Spa
Event Design & Planning – Engaging Affairs
Photo – K Thompson Photography
Florals – Amaryllis Designs
Music- Planet DJs
Beauty – Leah Margosis

December 22, 2016

jessica + jason // bal harbour, fl

A little over two years ago, Jessica was in a panic because her four-month-old French Bulldog, Tux, had gone missing. She called everyone she knew, posted on every social media channel and had every neighbor on the search for Tux. A few hours into the search & rescue, a firefighter named Jason arrived to lend a hand. Jason grew up in the area and has some mutual friends with Jessica and her sisters. After a few minutes of trying to console Jessica, they went into Jess’ house for some refreshments. Much to their surprise, Tux was waiting for them at the top of the stairs! As it turns out, he had been sleeping under Jessica’s bed the entire time. This chance encounter, with the help of a mischievous French Bulldog, was the beginning of Jessica and Jason’s beautiful relationship. These two complement each other perfectly. Jason brings out a sillier side of Jessica while she motivates him to achieve his goals. Interestingly, our friend Tux had one more contribution to Jessica and Jason’s wedding (he swallowed her engagement ring!).

We had such an amazing time being a part of this special day. Not only because of our wonderful couple, but because we got to work alongside some of our favorite friends in the wedding industry. Jackie Ohh… Events executed everything to perfection (Jessica is Jackie’s sister after all) and we always love shooting with Unique Design Studios and Gloria Pelo. Congratulations Jessica and Jason, we wish you all the best as you continue your adventure together and look forward to hearing stories of Tux’s shenanigans for years to come.

Venue – St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort
Event Design – Jackie Ohh…Events
Photo – Unique Design Studios
Florals – The Gilded Group
Music/Lighting – Sarz Entertainment
Band – The Clique
Beauty – Gloria Pelo

September 10, 2016

anicia + carlos // homestead, fl

We’re excited to share the highlight from Anicia and Carlos’ beautiful South Florida wedding. Much like our own personal story, their relationship started when they were children. Anicia and Carlos met in elementary school, shared the same circle of friends and kept in touch as they grew up together. Even though they started as friends, it was evident to their family and friends that they were meant to be together. Carlos admits that even before they were in a romantic relationship, Anicia was always special to him and that he’d always envisioned continuing to grow together. We congratulate this beautiful couple on solidifying their lifelong relationship and wish them continued love and happiness.

Venue – Estancia Culinaria
Photo – Manolo Doreste
Event Coordination – CH Creations
Florals – Julia Rohde Designs
Dinner – Mena Catering
Dessert – Ohh My Sweetness

April 4, 2016

priya + peter // annapolis, md

Priya and Peter’s wedding was the uniting of two people, two families and two cultures. This couple are warm, funny and a pleasure to be around (bonus: Pete’s a NY Jets fan!). They wanted to observe traditional celebrations of both cultures, so there were two beautiful ceremonies with the same message; a wish for a lifetime of love, health and happiness. Their day on the Chesapeake Bay was perfectly executed by our friends at Engaging Affairs and it was a blast working with this awesome couple. Enjoy their film!

Hindu Ceremony Venue – The Westin Annapolis
Western Ceremony/Reception Venue – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Event Planner/Designer – Engaging Affairs
Photo – Connor Studios
Florals – Blush
Beauty – Carl Ray
Music – Marquise

January 8, 2016

karla + ryan // palm springs, ca

We’re excited to share the wedding highlight from our friends, Karla and Ryan’s intimate Palm Springs wedding. We’ve known Karla for over 5 years and for about as long, she’s been saying “When Ryan and I get married, you guys are doing our film!” We couldn’t happier that day finally arrived and that we were there to capture this dynamic and hilarious couple’s beautiful and creative wedding. They truly complement each other perfectly! When Karla is stressed or overwhelmed, Ryan gives her confidence and reassurance, while Karla motivates Ryan to travel outside of his comfort zone and try new experiences. They’re warm, funny and value their relationships with family and friends. Their wedding consisted of about 35 guests, which traveled 3000 miles and were incredibly pumped to see these two exchange their vows. The entire wedding was DIY, planned by Karla from Miami and everything was flawless despite there being no prior site visits or tasting! Her brother was the DJ for the night, and being an amazing photographer herself, Karla trusted her incredibly talented friend Gabriel Sanchez to capture the day. We had a blast being a part of this special moment in Karla and Ryan’s life and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this awesome couple. Enjoy their film!

Karla’s Blog
Photo – Gabe Media
Venue – Ace Hotel Palm Springs

January 1, 2016