Belvedere Stories specializes in wedding cinematography in Los Angeles, Miami, and around the world. We believe film is forever, so we take the time to see you for you who really are. You’re a collection of moments, memories, and magic. We take the time to get to know you, how you got here, and the people who love you best, so we’re able to capture and celebrate what truly matters.

Our process is people-focused and heart-filled. So we don’t book back-to-back weddings or create cookie cutter videos. Your film will unfold like all the best things — with care, love, and attention.

meet ed & ursula

We cried watching our wedding video (and not the good kind of tears). Since then, we’ve made it our mission to create beautiful films with the love and attention to detail that was missing in our own.

We believe that moments — big and small — help shape who we are. When our time on this earth quietly expires, what we take with us and what is left behind for the people we love, are the memories we shared. The way you felt walking down the aisle, the tearful speech your dad delivered, or the energy of bringing new life into the world…there is magic in these moments. Your family, journey, and commitment to each other should be preserved— beautifully, and forever.

We love to laugh big and eat good food. When we aren’t creating films, we’re planning our next road trip across all 50 states with our Schnauzer.

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